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The Success Formula Revealed

By Pamela Eldred

Just starting out with a home-based business? Or in the process of looking for a way to make extra money? Then you will want to learn the key to success online.

Many opportunities out there on the Internet offer “secret strategies and tips” to help you get-rich-quick, for a small to moderate price. But, you are looking for an opportunity to get “something for nothing”, as are many of us in this day of economic woes.

“Freebies!” Who doesn’t want them! The very thought that you could get something for nothing is quite appealing to most people. So, what are these freebies”? I’m referring to FREE information, FREE opportunities, FREE Products to sell online, FREE websites to use to promote them, FREE training and FREE support.

Yes, these “Freebies” are available to anyone who is willing to make use of them. Read on, and I will explain how you can use these Freebies to create your own “Success Formula”.



Today, millions of dollars in purchases are being made and can be earned on the Internet, and the Internet market continues to expand. The number of Internet consumers is constantly growing, all over the world. Remember, this is a worldwide market.

The Internet business opportunities available to the average “Joe” with Internet service at home are unlimited. Thousands of work-at-home opportunities exist. A variety of legitimate programs, that offer unlimited income opportunities. Keep in mind that the Internet is worldwide, so the market is virtually unlimited!

So why not start a home based Internet business and work part-time at it! Why would you want to take on a second job?

First of all, many of these opportunities and programs are free or they are quite inexpensive, and many can be initiated in your spare time, at home, and on the Internet. Commerce, in many countries around the world, is just beginning to shift to high tech; therefore, the Internet is still largely an unexplored goldmine!

Another reason why some people want to start a home-based Internet business is to become their own boss. Let’s face it, there is little job security today as compared to 20-30 years ago. Who wouldn’t want to get away from the “rat race” of the corporate world, anyway? Just think how it would feel to fire your boss and leave the chaos behind?!!!

How does working in the comfort of your own home sound? What a difference it could make if you could be a stay-at-home Mom or Dad, forget about the commute, and spend more time with your family & loved ones!

If you have made the decision to find work on the internet, how do you find the program that will work for you? Be forewarned - there are hundreds of scams on the nternet that you must avoid.

1. First, never get involved with a program if you cannot find a legitimate address and phone # of the person or company offering the opportunity.

2. Be wary of an opportunity that does not reveal the compensation plan, but asks for a monetary investment of some kind with all kinds of incredible promises that guarantee that you will get rich quick.

3. If you are a person with high moral standards, there is no need to even consider getting involved with gambling sites or adult sites. You don’t have to change your values to make good money on the Internet.

So how do you know if an opportunity is worthy of your time? Some legitimate opportunities, such as Ebay and ClickBank, are known to be lucrative for many entrepreneurs and have become quite popular. But the lesser know, but still potentially lucrative home-based business opportunities are numerous.

I’m talking about REAL programs with REAL products. The vast majority of these are affiliate programs. With an affiliate program, you are you own boss, you are self-employed, you promote someone else’s products, and get a commission for your successful efforts - usually once-a-month.

Many of these programs offer residual and leveraged income and some offer multiple income streams, also. These are some of the most lucrative types of affiliate programs, and are definitely worth looking at.

Many opportunities offer free enrollment, and allow you to test-drive the system while you learn how it all works, before making any monetary investments. If they allow you to see their compensation plan prior to making any investment, this type of opportunity is by far the best type of online opportunity to join, especially if it includes free training.

Look at it with an open mind, but study their compensation plan carefully. Be sure you understand how the plan works so that you will be able to calculate your monthly income before you get paid. Thus you will know that you are being correctly compensated.

The opportunity that costs nothing to test drive, and offers free training is like a college education. The free training can be of great value to the home business entrepreneur. There truly are many tips and strategies worth learning. If a program is offering this free information - you can be sure they know there is money to be made by them, and incidentally, by you, also!

In the long run, investing your time in such a program could prove to be your ticket to success in the internet marketing arena. Another type of opportunity is one that is set-up for you free of charge” and is said to be “fully automated”. Sounds great, doesn’t it? It can be fantastic, if you follow their instructions to the letter.

A completely automated program is convenient, but it may not turn out the way you expect if you have not done everything exactly as instructed. This is where that free raining is proven to be of immense value to a beginner Internet marketer who is serious about making money online.

Now, are you ready to take a challenge?

A skeptic will never know how to be a success on the Internet because he will always be questioning the motives of others, he will not take the time to learn anything no matter how much free training is offered, and so he will not have the knowledge required to make it work.

If you feel you are ready, let me introduce you to the success formula. You have learned that you can get a lot of “FREE stuff” online. (The free stuff to which I am referring is the free information and the free training available with certain affiliate programs.)

The information is there, but what you do with it will make the difference. Don’t take the time to read it and study it, and you will never know the potential of a home-based business.

This is your chance at INTERNET SUCCESS, so take it! Take the plunge! Find out which programs offer the most for the least investment, and sign up. Put in at least 6 month’s worth of effort. When you begin to reap the rewards of your efforts, you will want to come back and thank me for the “Freebies” (the free information).

Make a small to moderate monetary investment into the BEST online opportunity, take time to educate yourself through free training available, persevere and keep focused on your goal, and allow a reasonable amount of time to reach that goal. Then, your home based Internet business will be successful.

So now, without further delay, MEET the Success Formula: M + E + E + T = SUCCESS

Money + Education + Effort + Time = SUCCESS!

This is the formula successful people use online and it works in any area of your life. Put it to work for you, starting today!



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Good luck - live long and prosper!

The Perfect Options Team


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